Sublingual Immunotherapy Update

A recent News update from the AAOA on SLIT as an emerging therapy:

The AAOA has defined sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) as a key strategic initiative.  As such, we have created a Task Force to evaluate the current evidence, develop content for our educational programming, consider research opportunities, and continually evaluate payer protocols related to reimbursement.  This is an on-going endeavor.

In November 2008, during the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology meeting, a unified workgroup of otolaryngologists and allergists was created to evaluate sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and define appropriate research, socioeconomic, and educational opportunities with the goal of maintaining the ability to deliver quality patient care.  Our Sublingual Task Force serves as our delegates to this workgroup and continue to evaluate this emerging therapy.

Posted on 11/1/2013 by AAOA