Traditional Allergy Injections vs Injections at Home

Traditional allergy injections in the clinical setting involve a “step-up” maximum dose per injection of 0.5ml, 2-3 times per week as the patient escalates through the build-up phase (4 vials) to the maintenance phase.  Historically, the length of time taken to reach the maintenance phase is 4-6 months and the patient will remain at the maintenance level between 3-5 years. In this setting, patients can be treated for environmental, food, insect and venom allergies.

In comparison and with consideration to key factors like safety, efficacy and patient compliance associated with injections administered at home, the SCIT immunotherapy at-home option addresses these concerns via a 5 vial build-up to maintenance set utilizing a low dose, decreased injection interval protocol that get the patients to maintenance level in 6 months.  At home the patient will escalate slowly through each of the 4 build-up vials reaching a maximum dose per vial of 0.25ml (half that of traditional injections) with a median dose per vial being 0.15ml. This is repeated per vial until the patient reaches maintenance and will remain at the maintenance level between 3-5 years.  In this setting, patients can be treated safely and effectively at home and is only recommended for those who have seasonal or yearlong sensitivities to environmental allergens or aeroallergens.